Saints of Hope,  is part of the Primacy Alliance! (Elite Mercinaria)

This means we agree to work together with other guilds. ( you do it very well and i am proud to lead you all, even when i'm in OverLoaD :) In return we trust and respect each other.


The Leaders of the Primacy alliance meet weekly and we decided together to adhere to the following policies. ( Hate the word RuleZ)


1- Be nice / Friendly: Show respect to your fellow alliance members no matter what kind of language barrier they have. Don’t make fun of or attempt to “troll” another alliance member because English isn't their first language and their spelling or grammar or whatever isn't on par with a first language English speaker or due to any other reason. Don’t use racial slurs or derogatory names.
2- Don't ask for ILVL: We believe that the ILVL doesn’t determinate how good or skillful you are. We aren’t here to evaluate how good/bad is a member based in a number. The game is already filled with custom channels doing that and our alliance should be a safe spot for everyone who wants to play in a friendly environment.
3- Don't spam: Very basic rule. Don’t flood the alliance chat sending the same message again and again in a way that it disrupts the normal flow of text in the alliance chat, especially during an event.
4- Follow the Conflict Resolution Protocol: So far, mostly the guild leaders have access to this file but it can be shared in your guild if needed. (if you have a worry with someone, copy the text in the chat....send it to me along with what the heck happened. So far...this has not been used....that speaks VOLUMES!!!)
5- No guild jumping: Unless a member specifically requires it due to a very specific circumstance, he/she must inform both guilds leaders/officers beforehand. Some guilds have specific requirements, if a member left a guild without saying a word and left with a debt, this member can't join another guild in the alliance. If a member doesn't follow this rule, a guild can request to get them removed out of the alliance.
6- Trading in the Alliance Chat: Max 1 message every 1 hour to avoid spam allowing to keep a focus in organizing runs or other activities. This will be tested, if there's too much spam it can be increased up to 2 hours or even removed if necessary.