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Professions are secondairy task you can do to gain special items. However it is not required to do, it can be profitable. You can find professions under hotkey N.



Start with leveling 3 proffessions

The first step is to master three of the nine professions careers. I would suggest you focus on one career at the time. Also don't pick leadership at first, as this is the only profession that is taking a real long time to master. 

he best order for the first 3 professions is:

  • Alchemy - You can get an epic result and 100% time reduction by level 6 and open up two extra slots.
  • Choose one of:
    • Leatherworking,
    • Tailoring,
    • Mailsmithing or
    • Platesmithing (depending on your toon)
  • Artificing or Weaponry (depending on your toon)
  • And lastly - Leadership

It's almost instinctive to go for Leadership first because you can make AD off of takes forever to level and actually see a decent amount of daily AD (which occurs at higher levels) so you really want to have at least 8 slots to devote to the leveling.

This way, you should have all 9 slots available to you for leveling leadership.



Once you hit level 25 - MASTERCRAFTING

If one of you careeers hit level 25, you are able to complete the masterclass. To do this you need to find the artisan at the guild. He will give you some taks to complete with professions. The first taks is just grinding professions. You can do it yourself, but you can also make use of the vendors at the millabout market in the guild. (mind that these vendors are temporary structures and the guild need to activate them at some cost, you might want to check out the vendors that other members in the alliance have active).


The seconds task usually require you to make a rare proffession item. First you need to make the basic material with normal profession. In example, you are required to deliver a 'Gemmed Elemental Leather Armor', this requires you to make

  • a leather armor +4, which requires
  • a leather armor +2, which requires
  • a leather armor +1, which requires
  • a leather armor, that requires some basic materials.


HOWEVER! getting to leather armor +4 is easy, as that is a normal profession. De profession task 'creating a Gemmed Elemental  ....' is a rare task, which only pop's up about 3 or 4 times per week. The rotation of rare tasks is once every hour. 


Best is to have the required materials on standby, keep a slot free and check every hour if your required task pop's up. 


Making stuff


If you are going into professions with the idea that you will make GOBS of money selling things...forget about it.


If you are going into professions with the idea that you will SAVE gobs of money - then you are being more realistic. However, with that said, please understand that in order to make the stuff you want/need, you will have to invest in the tools of the trade for the best results.


Each profession (except Leadership) requires epic tools. Some trades share one or two...but for the most part, you will need 4 epic tools for each trade to get a CHANCE at the tier 3 epic result.


These can be quite expensive to buy and the professions packs don't often drop them. Keep an eye on the AH for best prices if you need a tool fast.

Master Cheat Sheet

Also take a look at the master work cheat sheet. This sheet contains all information

about how to create and make full use of the master professions.

Gathering resources & Untapped resources

There are 3 ranks of recipes for each profession.


To unlock Masterwork Recipes I, you must complete a quest from the Artisan. This quest requires some common resources, and 3 items crafted by that profession. Completing the first quest rewards you with a Common Masterwork tool (with a 0% quality bonus), and unlocks the Masterwork Recipes I.

The second quest given by the Artisan requires resources crafted using a Masterwook Tool and Resources. Because you only have a common tool, the best chance of a tier 3 result is only 20% (35% with a [Forgehammer of Gond]). However, all but the final item required can be bought and sold on the Auction Hall. The final Legendary item must be crafted yourself. Completing this quest gives an Epic Mastwerwork tool, a unique (bound to character) fashion set, and unlocks Masterwork Recipes II.

After unlocking Masterwork Recipes II, you can buy the Masterwork Recipes III from the Artisan. This requires a Guild Hall Rank 14 and costs 20 Masterwork resources.
Some resources used in Masterwork recipes can be purchased from The Travelling Merchant located to the left of The Generalist Store, next to The Artisan. Other resources can be bought at the Stronghold temporary Structures: Atelier, Bloomery, Goldsmith, Tannery, and Tenterground. The rarest of resources can only be found in Fangbreaker Island, Master Spellplague Caverns, and Master Svardborg.

Other resources can only be obtained from untapped resources in Vellosk, Pirates' Skyhold, Mount Hotenow, Whispering Caverns, Bryn Shander, Lonelywood, and Cold Run. These resources can be obtained by buying Explorer's charts in the Stronghold Marketplace (rank 5 or higher), or the Explorer's Guild (rank 5 or higher). If you have the Treasure Hunter boon with a rank 6 or higher Explorer's Guild you will find 2 resources at each node instead of 1.
  • [Explorer's Chart: Vellosk] can find [Cashmere Wool], [Dark Alum], and [Molybdena]
  • [Explorer's Chart: Skyhold] can find [Adamant Sand], [Lacquer Branch], and [Silex]
  • [Explorer's Chart: Hotenow] can find [Alum], [Nitre], and [Sal Ammoniac
  • [Explorer's Chart: Caverns] can find [Concentrated Residuum], [Gold Ore], and [Slaked Lime]
  • [Explorer's Chart: Bryn Shander] can find [Snowhare Wool], [Native Silver], and [Raw Sphene]
  • [Explorer's Chart: Lonelywood] can find [Spruce Log], [Spruce Resin], and [Red Alder Bark]
  • [Explorer's Chart: Cold Run] can find [Native Iron], [Raw Rubellite], and [Effervescent Water]