Neverwinter Guild

OUR current target is...

GH9... Oh no.., we're already at GH11... we're getting targets faster than i can keep up this website.  Just take a look at the guild information to check our current level and target. Keep up the good work.



Wanna know what is new? Check the update logs of Neverwinter.


GameVox - Guild Voice chat

Feel Free to Share the  Gamevox with your friends. Make a private room.. Log in...make yourself your own room...display your country flag. You dont need to talk unless you want to...and can always move to a quiet room...and text a msg. please at least register.


Follow the voicechat button on the right of the window.


Need help i will help YOU setting up...its really easy 


TeamSpeak3 - Alliance Voice chat

The alliance also uses TeamSpeak as voichechat. More details will follow.


Register at the forum

Also then please register on our forums if you haven't... We're going to privatize them.


Register using your main's name :P We have I hope a new leader that will help in making our site l little more informative. I am thrilled!


Most of all...Have FUN!!!

Enjoy the Summerfest!! Has some very Cool items!!




NEW!! The TRADING POST. All lvl 70's have access as when you reach 70 is under, you get rank 2. Talk.....suggest events....form groups, reasons for promotions :)

But...the Level of the vault that says trading post is just that! Please look as I am moving stuff....nice that lvl....if you take something out...please place a USABLE item :)) in so someone else can "trade". 



Lastly, Dragonflight. The alliance has decided this is for lvl 70.  REAL IMPORTANT guidelines to remember.



do your thing....remember if you see immunity from more than 19 people......move back out of the area and let it be dpsed.



if you die,...release as fast as you can.....companions can cause others to die as well.....unless you are using an "augment" pet.



NO COMPANIONS...release as SOON as you go down


like red only constant poison.



Please feel free to reqruit all lvls. They will get to 70 and the new mod is on the preview server. New people will come to Neverwinter and need a home.


If I forgot anything...(very likely) Please lt me know :)


Thanks for reading :)