Neverwinter Guild

OUR current target is...

GH13.. Oh no.., we're almost at GH14... we're getting targets faster than i can keep up this website.  Just take a look at the guild information to check our current level and target. Keep up the good work!

Boons...Boons....So Stormheart does not go Boom :) Amazing work on Conquerer shards and contributions!!! Woot!



Wanna know what is new? Check the update logs of Neverwinter.


Register at the forum

Also then please register on our forums if you haven't... We're going to privatize them.


Register using your main's name :P We have I hope a new leader that will help in making our site l little more informative. I am thrilled!


Most of all...Have FUN!!!

Enjoy the Summerfest!! Has some very Cool items!!




Please feel free to recruit all lvls. They will get to 70 and the new mod is on the preview server. New people will come to Neverwinter and need a home.


If I forgot anything...(very likely) Please let me know :)


Thanks for reading :)